The Power of the Pivot

Basketball is a game that’s played on the fingertips and the balls of your feet.  Everything you do involves having the correct footwork. Rigidity doesn’t work in basketball and it doesn’t work for those who want to succeed in business.

How does basketball relate to the business world?  

John took the term Pivot, a technique which calls for the player with the ball to move in any direction while still keeping one foot in contact with the floor, all while keeping possession of the ball, and used it to transition from full-time athlete to business mogul. He shares the same strategies he continues to use to teach others the fundamentals of the Pivot to help them succeed in business. 

NBA Basketball Player, Real Estate/Tech Investor, & Social Engineer

The path of life is not linear. You have to remain flexible with your approach to reach your goals. You have to always be ready, not take anything for granted, and be willing to learn from people and experiences in your life.

–John Salmons



The art of stability and flexibility, in business and in life.

Salmons, played opposite Derrick Rose for several seasons as a shooting guard with the Chicago Bulls where he averaged 18 points a game.  Salmons also played with the 76ers, Bucks, Kings, Raptors, and most recently (2014-2015) with the Pelicans.  Salmons ranks in the top 10% of all time scorers in the history of the NBA/ABA.


As a social engineer Salmons focuses on many business and social initiatives that make a significant impact.  He owns several MidiCi Pizza franchises and is an adviser for Three Squared Inc, a leader in innovative real estate construction.


Salmons is focused on bringing his 3D formula of Desire + Diversity + Discipline to the entrepreneurial world just as he brought it to every moment on the court.  His entrepreneurial ambitions are the NBA equivalent of playing all five positions.  His mission is to build the kind of off-the-court Empire that leverages his passions in technology, entertainment, fashion, real estate, publishing, and franchise ownership, while providing tomorrow’s leaders with opportunities for expanding their worldview.  He accomplishes his goals through advising, promoting, and investing in businesses and engaging in philanthropic endeavors in the world of advocacy, grassroots organizations, and serving as a mentor for youth development programs.  


John is a graduate of the University of Miami and currently pursuing his EMBA for Artists and Athletes from the University of Miami’s School of Business. He and his wife, Taniesha K. Salmons, Esq., have four children and live in the Philadelphia area. 

A Life Based On The 3D Personal Growth Model: Desire, Diversity, and Discipline


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JS Enterprises consults, advises, sits on Board of Directors, and looks at investment opportunities in the following sectors:  Tech and entertainment.  Salmons brings a large following, diverse business knowledge and a powerful rolodex to help high potential or existing businesses scale faster. 

JS Enterprises Current Holdings Include:

• MidiCi    • Three Squared Inc     • Fisherman Films

JS Enterprises & Holdings

MidiCi certified pizzaiolos (pizza makers) invite guests to select fresh, natural, non-GMO high quality ingredients to create their ideal Neapolitan Pizza.  Salmons owns several franchises in the northeast.

Fisherman Films is a film production company currently bringing the inspirational true life story of Christian rapper HanSoul to life.  

Three Squared Inc (, An innovative real estate company in Detroit, MI utilizing shipping containers to build affordable luxury.  This fast growth company has been featured on ABC News, Huffington Post, USA Today, and most recently was featured on HGTV’s Container Homes.  Salmons serves as a key advisor and owner in the enterprise.  Three Squared builds faster, stronger, and more sustainable than the rest of the real estate industry at a cost competitive rate. 


Seeking Opportunities

JS Enterprises is currently looking for interesting real estate projects in the Philadelphia region to partner on.  JS Enterprises can reduce development cost, speed up the timeline for project completion, or assist in financing.  



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